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Speed Units Conversion 
Convert from kilometer per hour
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1 kilometer per hour is equal to:
kilometer per hour 1
kilometer per second 0.0003
centimeter per second 27.7778
meter per second 0.2778
millimeter per second 277.7778
British and U.S.
foot per minute 54.6807
mile per hour 0.6214
mile per second 0.0002
foot per second 0.9113
inch per second 10.9361
knot 0.54
mach 0.0008
For runners and joggers
minute per kilometer 60
second per kilometer 3600
second per 100 metres 360
minute per mile 96.5606
second per mile 5793.6384
second per 100 yards 329.184
speed of light (vacuum) 9.2657 x 10-10
speed of sound (air) 0.0008